How Do I...?

READsquared is an online program used by many libraries across the country to help track participation. Sandown Public Library uses READsquared to enable patrons and participants in our Summer Reading Program track their reading progress during the program. 

How it works: when you first arrive at Sandown's READsquared website, on the right hand side of the page, you should see: 

As you can see, there are app versions available for both Apple and Android devices. Go to the app store on your device to download the app

If you already have a log in, you can enter your information right below this. If you need to register, you can do that here as well! If you have forgotten your password, click on the link at the bottom of this dialog box to reset it. 

If you need to register, its a snap!

  1. Click the Register now link on the page.
  2. Choose whether you are registering yourself, or yourself plus other readers.
  3. Choose which program(s) you are registering for - you can come back and do this later.
  4. Complete the registration form - be sure to write down your username and password!

A confirmation should pop up: