Drone Academy

What is Drone Academy? 

Drone Academy is a specialized program at the Sandown Public Library that is a prerequisite for borrowing our drone - a Mavic Mini 2. The Academy consists of a small booklet that has information about flying a drone in New Hampshire, and a 20-30 minute class for review and a bit of supervised practice flying. 

Why would I want to borrow the drone? 

If you're at all a fan of photography or videography, drones can offer fantastic quality images and video from truly unique perspectives. 

Is flying the drone difficult? 

No, but it does take practice. There are two elements to drone flight: 

  1. Learning to fly the drone
  2. Learning to shoot images 

You need to learn to fly first before you worry about getting that perfect shot.

The video below is of a property just off of Route 11 in Gilford NH.

Do I get to keep the images I record? 

Yes! the images are stored on a mini SD card that is provided asnd loaded on the drone. You will be responsible for retrieving your images before you return the drone. If you need help, we have the equipment here to assist you.