Podcasts for Kids and Parents!

There are literally thousands of podcasts out there. We've assembled a list that has a little bit of everything for kids, parents, and kids & parents! These podcasts were available when listed. 

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Ear Snacks: 
This funny and informative podcast covers a range of topics, including questions posed by kids and answered by experts, providing fun and education for little kids.

Little Stories for Tiny People: 
This podcast is essentially a calming, soothing bedtime story in audio form. Get your kid to grab their favorite teddy and settle down for a nighttime tale told in a calming tone.

Preschool Music & Story Time: 
This podcast is regularly updated and will quickly become a favorite for your preschool kids, covering issues such as nutrition and movement, fitness and exercise.

Be Calm on Ahway Island: 
If you’re having trouble getting your kid to sail away to the land of nod, this podcast is just what you’re looking for. The hosts begin with a pre-story meditation (including mindfulness practices like “deep dragon breaths”), which might just get your kids to sleep before the story begins! The narrator’s soothing voices describe adventures on Ahway Island are great for kids of all ages and are particularly popular with preschool children.

This podcast really does have it all — whether you’re looking for fairytales, classic myths, poetry, or music, Storynory is a great choice to keep your kid’s mind entranced and entertained.

But Why?: 
Kids ask about certain things adults wouldn’t even question. When did people start speaking? Why is grass green? Why don’t we keep growing forever? This podcast is biweekly and tackles questions like this in a kid-friendly, clear way.

Brains On: 
This educational podcast addresses questions sent in by kids — experts answer questions relating to nature, anatomy, geography, linguistics, and more. Listening to this podcast each week will keep your kids learning in such an entertaining way, they won’t even realize it.

Listen to the podcast here

What If World: 

The best way to understand this podcast is for us to outline some of the episode titles:

  • What if everyone wore the same color clothes?
  • What if clouds were made out of cotton candy?
  • What if clocks were bananas and monkeys ate time?

Ridiculous though these questions might sound, this podcast captures the attention of countless children, while the host brings the stories to life, answers random questions, and captures the imaginations of your children.

Listen to the podcast here

The Past & The Curious: 

This is a great way of getting kids interested in history. The hosts explore little-known events in history in a funny, interesting way. The podcast even has a quiz segment to make sure your kids are learning while having fun.

Listen to the podcast here

Planet Storytime: 

This podcast offers a mix of classic stories and less well-known yarns. Aiming for a delicate mix of entertainment and education, this is a great podcast to play while your kid winds down for the night.

Listen to the podcast here

The Two Princes: 

In this adventure podcast, two young princes strive to save their kingdoms, defeat villains and slay dragons. With dashes of magic, romance, and danger, this audio drama is the perfect introduction to the fantasy genre.

Listen to the podcast here

Flyest Fables: 

This podcast is about a magical book that transports readers to a world where they can find the confidence, drive, and strength to overcome any obstacle. The podcast occasionally tackles serious (but important) issues like homelessness and bullying, making the stories powerful and meaningful for kids.

Listen to the podcast here

Stories Podcast: 

This podcast tells classic stories in a modern way, challenging kids to develop their vocabulary and imagine worlds far different from their own.

Listen to the podcast here

Story Pirates: 

This podcast showcases stories created by real kids, submitted to the show and brought to life by the hosts. The podcast even features special guest stars, including Claire Danes and John Oliver. If the podcast inspires them, kids can head to the website and submit their very own story to be explored and read out on this amazing podcast.

Listen to the podcast here


Talking to kids about the news can be difficult — but they want (and need) to be informed about the world around them. This podcast is created by mothers who are also broadcast journalists so that they can relay news stories to young listeners in an easily digestible way.

Listen to the podcast here

Earth Rangers: 

This podcast is inspired by a love for biology and allows kids to learn all about animals, ecosystems, and the countries of our world. Episodes are usually about fifteen minutes and will be popular for kids who want to learn all they can about the world around them.

Listen to the podcast here

Pants on Fire: 

This is a Podcast game show where one kid goes up against two adults. The catch is, only one of these adults is an expert in a given topic. The kid asks questions and analyzes information to determine who is telling the truth. As well as being a lot of fun to play along to, kids can learn an awful lot about important topics.

Listen to the podcast here


In this incredible podcast, kids can listen to interviews with scientists about their processes and discoveries. The podcast addresses fascinating topics in an approachable way. Even if your kid has never shown a love for science, we can almost guarantee this podcast will spark an interest.

Listen to the podcast here

The Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian: 

This podcast tells the story of an eight-year-old who lives on an interplanetary space station. The central character explores the galaxy and solves mysteries alongside his friends. With over 13 hours of content out there, this sci-fi adventure is violence-free and will keep your kids entertained for days on end.

Listen to the podcast here

Saturday Morning Cereal Bowl: 

This podcast is all about “kindie rock” — indie rock for kids. This two-hour podcast is styled like a radio show and covers songs new and old your kids will love.

Listen to the podcast here

Spare the Rock: Spoil the Child: 
Are you a rock-and-roll loving parent who wants to share their passion with their kids — but perhaps without all the explicit content? This podcast is for you. Each week, there’s a new playlist with kid-appropriate songs that adults will love, with songs from They Might Be Giants, Elvis Costello, and John Legend.

Noodle Loaf: 
This podcast is hosted by a music education specialist and his daughter and will get kids playing musical games, singing, rhyming, and moving. Popular with kids of all ages, the songs featured are so fun, silly, and upbeat that the whole family will love them.